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EEVblog #569 - Tour of an Analog TV Transmission Facility

EEVblog #568 - Solderless Breadboard Capacitance

EEVblog #567 - Precision 1A Current Source

EEVblog #566 - Cheap USB Microscope Reviews

EEVblog #565 - Tektronix TDS3054 Oscilloscope Repair - Part 2

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Propeller and Generator DC

Power Inverter 12V to 230V, 220V, 120V, NEW circuit diagram, very easy, ...

Electric Boat without batteries

Old mechanical inverter DC AC

Ancient saltwater rheostat

Barlow's wheel, electric motor

A strange electric motor

Paper Speakers (various materials)

Build an electric transformer (DIY)

Calculation and homemade construction of a Toroidal Transformer

Transformer/inductor design Part 3

Transformer/inductor design Part 2


Transformer/inductor design Part 1

Very expensive useless machine || Perpetual Useless

Micro-Stirlingmotor || Perpetual Useless

Crop circles unraveled || Perpetual Useless

Unplugger - useless invention || Perpetual Useless

Perfect Kinetic Art - OCTO by Anthony Howe


SMPS Tutorial (5): Inductor Basics, Magnetic Circuits, Switched Mode Pow...

SMPS Tutorial (4): Boost Converters, Flyback Voltages, Switched Mode Pow...

SMPS Tutorial (3): Charge Pumps, Buck Converters, Switched Mode Power Su...

SMPS Tutorial (2): Linear Regulators, Voltage References, Switched Mode...

SMPS Tutorial (1): Introduction - Switched Mode Power Supplies and Power...

martes, 31 de marzo de 2015

Arduino Electronics Kit- My kit for building anything!

Urban Altoids EDC Tin (v2.1) by TheUrbanPrepper

Micro Pocket Organizer Tool Kit: 100 Items for Car/Truck Glove Box, EDC ...

Gerber Bear Grylls Card Tool

Multi-tool card comparison - Tool Logic and Victorinox

Top 10 Best EDC Multi Tools -- Multi Tool Comparison & Review | Leatherm...

PWM - pulzně šířková modulace

Datalogic UniQ: Compact, Powerful, Integrated

Incredible Magnet Invention

Easy to make free energy, perpetual motion machine using monopole magnet.

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EEVblog #556 - Mailbag

SS900B or SS900S series automatic toroid coil winding machine seting vid...

SS900B series automatic toroid coil winding machine(http://www.sanshinec...

WH-200 Toroid Hook Winder

Toroidal Core Winding Machine / Silicon Steel CRGO CRNGO Winder

PWM Pull Winder Machine

RW05ML Toroidal Winding Machine

RW05ML Toroidal Winding Machine

Hook winding machines Bangalore

WH-200 hook type toroid winding machine

Semi-automatic toroid coil winding machine(http://www.sanshinechina.com)

Toroid hook winding machines

Rectangular winding machine-toroidal winding machine-transformer winding...

RWE Micro Toroidal Winding Machine

RWE Evolution Toroidal Winding Machine

Mini Standard Toroidal Winding Machine

Automatic toroid coil winding machine(http://www.sanshinechina.com)


Toroidal Winder kit! & downloadable plans so anyone can make one! Part 2

Winding Toroid -0020

toroidal winding machine -Yibo toroidal winder -current transformer wind...

The Art Of Electronics 3rd Edition!

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EEVblog #555 - 555 Timer Kit

EEVblog #554 - Sinclair FTV1 TV80 Flat Screen Pocket TV Teardown

EEVblog #553 - Mailbag

EEVblog #552 - DFM Automated PCB Panel Testing

EEVblog #551 - Sydney Mini Maker Faire 2013

EEVblog #550 - Manfrotto Video Camera Articulated Arm

EEVblog #549 - Rigol DP832 Lab Power Supply Followup

EEVblog #548 - EMC Pre-Compliance Conducted Emissions Testing

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EEVblog #547 - Dumpster Phone Teardown

EEVblog #546 - Mailbag Monday

EEVblog #545 - Vintage Design Rant

EEVblog #544 - Fluke 5450A Resistance Calibrator Teardown

EEVBlog #543 - PCB VIA Current Investigation

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EEVblog #538 - HP35670A DSA Repair - Part 2

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EEVblog #536 - HP35670A DSA Repair

EEVblog #535 - Dumpster Dive Plotter

EEVblog #534 - Mailbag

EEVblog #533 - LED Fluoro Tube Teardown

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New Products 3/18/2015

crank rusty engine 2 weeks later.

try to crank a rusty engine.

Engine Running NO OIL - NO SUMP - Seized Soild on Camera

Ultimate Engine Explosions Collection

Electric piston engine(radial).wmv

solenoid engine Ⅴ8  電磁石エンジン

v8 solenoid engine

V12 Solenoid Engine - Build Photos & Time Lapse Video

Solenoid Engine With Speed Control - Super High RPM - HD

Solenoid Engine.

V8 solenoid engine

solenoid engine car 6-cylinder   電磁石エンジン車 6気筒

V12 Solenoid Engine - Top Speed - HD

Easy to Make Solenoid Engine

I produced original V8 solenoid engine - Takaha Kiko Co., Ltd.

solenoid motor construction (V-twin)

Tiny Solenoid Motor on a Credit Card

Radial Solenoid Engine

Easy to Make Solenoid Engine

Miniature Solid State Tesla Coil (Slayer Exciter)

Universal Joint Model

High Voltage in Water: Lichtenberg Figures.

Generador magnético para iluminar

How to Determine the Polarity of a Magnet

Howto make an AC Motor

Hertz Experiment on Electromagnetic Waves

High Voltage and Fire

Micronas Backend, 2005 (english)

Collin's Lab: Exploratory IC torching

EEVblog #532 - Silicon Chip Wafer Fab Mailbag

EEVblog #531 - LAB LED Fluoro Lighting Tube Replacement

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Ice Cooled with Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen and a Light Bulb

LED in Liquid Nitrogen

EEVblog #525 - Bank Note Acceptor Teardown

EEVblog #524 - Vignetting on a Cathode Ray Tube

EEVblog #523 - REPAIR: HP 35660A Dynamic Signal Analyser

EEVblog #522 - Rigol DS1000Z Oscilloscope Quick Look

EEVblog #521 - Picoscope 5000 USB Oscilloscope Teardown

EEVblog #520 - Michael's 3D Printer

ArduSat: Open Source In Orbit

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jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

EEVblog #498 - How to get a $50 Oscilloscope on Ebay

EEVBlog #497 - Siglent SDG5000 Function Generator Teardown

PLD FPGA Design flow (Sec 4-1)

EEVblog #496 - What Is An FPGA?

EEVblog #495 - World's First DSLR Camera - Kodak DCS315 Teardown

DRSB 88 Geiger counter + radioactive material

EEVblog #494 - Mailbag

EEVblog #493 - DIY Video Camera Dolly For Workbenches

EEVBlog #492 - Vintage Motorola MicroTAC Mobile Phone Teardown