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Arduino Electronics Kit- My kit for building anything!

Urban Altoids EDC Tin (v2.1) by TheUrbanPrepper

Micro Pocket Organizer Tool Kit: 100 Items for Car/Truck Glove Box, EDC ...

Gerber Bear Grylls Card Tool

Multi-tool card comparison - Tool Logic and Victorinox

Top 10 Best EDC Multi Tools -- Multi Tool Comparison & Review | Leatherm...

PWM - pulzně šířková modulace

Datalogic UniQ: Compact, Powerful, Integrated

Incredible Magnet Invention

Easy to make free energy, perpetual motion machine using monopole magnet.

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EEVblog #556 - Mailbag

SS900B or SS900S series automatic toroid coil winding machine seting vid...

SS900B series automatic toroid coil winding machine(http://www.sanshinec...

WH-200 Toroid Hook Winder

Toroidal Core Winding Machine / Silicon Steel CRGO CRNGO Winder

PWM Pull Winder Machine

RW05ML Toroidal Winding Machine

RW05ML Toroidal Winding Machine

Hook winding machines Bangalore

WH-200 hook type toroid winding machine

Semi-automatic toroid coil winding machine(

Toroid hook winding machines

Rectangular winding machine-toroidal winding machine-transformer winding...

RWE Micro Toroidal Winding Machine

RWE Evolution Toroidal Winding Machine

Mini Standard Toroidal Winding Machine

Automatic toroid coil winding machine(


Toroidal Winder kit! & downloadable plans so anyone can make one! Part 2

Winding Toroid -0020

toroidal winding machine -Yibo toroidal winder -current transformer wind...

The Art Of Electronics 3rd Edition!

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EEVblog #555 - 555 Timer Kit

EEVblog #554 - Sinclair FTV1 TV80 Flat Screen Pocket TV Teardown

EEVblog #553 - Mailbag

EEVblog #552 - DFM Automated PCB Panel Testing

EEVblog #551 - Sydney Mini Maker Faire 2013

EEVblog #550 - Manfrotto Video Camera Articulated Arm

EEVblog #549 - Rigol DP832 Lab Power Supply Followup

EEVblog #548 - EMC Pre-Compliance Conducted Emissions Testing

martes, 24 de marzo de 2015

EEVblog #547 - Dumpster Phone Teardown

EEVblog #546 - Mailbag Monday

EEVblog #545 - Vintage Design Rant

EEVblog #544 - Fluke 5450A Resistance Calibrator Teardown

EEVBlog #543 - PCB VIA Current Investigation

EEVblog #542 - ZD985 Desoldering Station

EEVblog #541 - Mailbag

EEVblog #540 - HP35670A DSA Repair - Part 3

EEVblog #539 - RFID Tag Card Repair

EEVblog #538 - HP35670A DSA Repair - Part 2

EEVblog #537 - Square Kilometre Array Phase Array Feed Prototype

EEVblog #536 - HP35670A DSA Repair

EEVblog #535 - Dumpster Dive Plotter

EEVblog #534 - Mailbag

EEVblog #533 - LED Fluoro Tube Teardown

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New Products 3/18/2015

crank rusty engine 2 weeks later.

try to crank a rusty engine.

Engine Running NO OIL - NO SUMP - Seized Soild on Camera

Ultimate Engine Explosions Collection

Electric piston engine(radial).wmv

solenoid engine Ⅴ8  電磁石エンジン

v8 solenoid engine

V12 Solenoid Engine - Build Photos & Time Lapse Video

Solenoid Engine With Speed Control - Super High RPM - HD

Solenoid Engine.

V8 solenoid engine

solenoid engine car 6-cylinder   電磁石エンジン車 6気筒

V12 Solenoid Engine - Top Speed - HD

Easy to Make Solenoid Engine

I produced original V8 solenoid engine - Takaha Kiko Co., Ltd.

solenoid motor construction (V-twin)

Tiny Solenoid Motor on a Credit Card

Radial Solenoid Engine

Easy to Make Solenoid Engine

Miniature Solid State Tesla Coil (Slayer Exciter)

Universal Joint Model

High Voltage in Water: Lichtenberg Figures.

Generador magnético para iluminar

How to Determine the Polarity of a Magnet

Howto make an AC Motor

Hertz Experiment on Electromagnetic Waves

High Voltage and Fire

Micronas Backend, 2005 (english)

Collin's Lab: Exploratory IC torching

EEVblog #532 - Silicon Chip Wafer Fab Mailbag

EEVblog #531 - LAB LED Fluoro Lighting Tube Replacement

sábado, 21 de marzo de 2015

Ice Cooled with Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen and a Light Bulb

LED in Liquid Nitrogen

EEVblog #525 - Bank Note Acceptor Teardown

EEVblog #524 - Vignetting on a Cathode Ray Tube

EEVblog #523 - REPAIR: HP 35660A Dynamic Signal Analyser

EEVblog #522 - Rigol DS1000Z Oscilloscope Quick Look

EEVblog #521 - Picoscope 5000 USB Oscilloscope Teardown

EEVblog #520 - Michael's 3D Printer

ArduSat: Open Source In Orbit

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